Do you Understand the Why?

sid_whyGreat stories have a universal impact. They can inspire, entertain, provoke thought and discussion, highlight an issue, spur action, and so on. Organically speaking, most of us love storytelling because it makes almost any topic digestible and more relatable. When used in a more deliberate way, stories can advance an agenda and there are examples of this everywhere in mainstream and social media channels.

As someone who works on messaging quite a bit, I spend a lot of time thinking about language and tone. I cannot read a news article, watch a video clip or even view a show without paying attention to the purpose.

I often work with business clients who want to tell their story. And while I can craft a message using careful or measured prose, it will almost always fall flat if the person delivering the message doesn’t believe or personalize the story to make it their own. Think about sitting through a speech or presentation where slides are read and there is nothing to engage the audience. The idea behind story creation is not just to impart information, but to somehow make it more compelling to the audience.

So how do you ensure that the right message is ultimately being delivered in the right way to achieve your objective? Creating the message is really just part of the successful equation. The person who crafts the message as well as the person delivering the message (whether they are the same or different individuals) needs to understand the “why.” What are your objectives in sharing the information? Are you trying to spur an action, make an emotional appeal, inspire a group? Spending some time thinking about your desired outcome will help to keep your message and its delivery on point. Once you understand the purpose, you can evaluate your story through the appropriate lens.

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Do you Understand the Why?